What does that mean “Choice?” Most people don’t realize how many times in a day they choose. Believe it or not every ten seconds or so you make a choice. You choose to sit down, you choose to stand up, you choose to clean house, and choose to go to work. These are only a […]

What Message does Pain tell You

There is always a message in the pain you experience in your bodies. Usually when pain comes, your first thought is to rid your body of it right now. You never think to ask what it is trying to tell you. What is the reason for the pain? There is a way to release it […]

Hypnosis: Myth vs. Fact

Many people are confused about what hypnosis really is. Some think it is being put into a trance where you’re made to do things you wouldn’t normally do, like you see on television or hypnosis stage shows. So let’s take a look at what hypnosis really is. During hypnosis, you are put into a state […]

What makes a great Energy Session?

Let me begin by saying that to experience a great Energy Session you must be comfortable with the person giving the session, be able to fully receive all that is given and allow miracles to happen. So, let’s expand on that. First, let’s talk about Receiving. Many of us have been taught that it is […]

What else is Possible???

~ What if you could choose a happier and more abundant life? ~ What would it look like if every minute of every day you could choose something different? ~ What if practicing with a few simple tools could achieve this? I’m here to tell you that constant choice is possible if you’re willing to […]

Why is Meditation Valuable?

I find it interesting how most of us want peace, happiness and abundance in our lives. Yet every one of us do things we know isn’t good for us and, at the same time skip things we know are good for us. We seem to find the time to do things for others, but not […]

Gemstones and How they Affect Us

Why are people attracted to Crystals & Gemstones? For some it could be the sparkle and shine, for others it might be the vibration and some may not know why. Each variety of gemstones has its own vibration and mineral content. When worn or placed on the body it changes the physical, mental and emotional […]

Mind & Body Connection

One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go of something, whether it’s anger, sadness, guilt, love loss, or maybe even betrayal. We fight to hold on and we struggle to let go. What if you could be shown an easy way to let it all go and begin to move forward and give […]

Benefits of Meridian Tapping

Meridian tapping has proven itself over the years. It is simple to learn and is powerful by itself or when used in combination with  Reiki, Hypnosis or any form of healing. During my training and certification for Hypnotherapy I had my first glimpse of Meridian tapping. We were taught to tap out the painful experience so that […]