What else is Possible???

~ What if you could choose a happier and more abundant life?

~ What would it look like if every minute of every day you could choose something different?

~ What if practicing with a few simple tools could achieve this?

I’m here to tell you that constant choice is possible if you’re willing to allow it. Most of us never realized we could choose minute by minute. For example, have you ever gone into a new restaurant and opened the menu. You started to look at the selections and it took you a long time to decide. Why do you think that is? Maybe it’s because there were more than three or four things on the menu. We have been programmed to not expect more than two or three choices at any one time. Politics is another example.

From a young age you were taught to stay in control of your life. To make all the right choices so you can get ahead. What if the more you try to take control the more you limit yourself? Now there’s an interesting question. The Universe (Divine Source) always knows more than we do because it sees the bigger picture. Have you ever asked for something and when you received it, it was nothing like what you expected. Maybe the way it showed up or how it showed up was beyond your imagination. The more we control the less the Universe can do because we have already concluded what it should look like and how it will be. So, always being in control may not be the best thing.

Now, let’s talk about receiving. Many people have a hard time receiving. Take a moment and think about how you accept a compliment from someone? Most of us have been taught “It’s better to give than to receive.” Wow, there’s a reality check especially if you remember that “Our thoughts create our reality.” So if you always put others before you, that is the message you are sending to the Universe. Please give to them first and what’s left over I’ll take. Is that really what you want? Think about the instructions you are given when you fly on a commercial airlines. In case of emergency place your oxygen mask on first, then help others. If you help others first eventually you will run out of air and you will be the one that requires help!

It is my desire that the words here will begin to make the positive changes in your life that bring more conscious opportunities and joy to you. If you are truly ready for change, working one-on-one with me will expedite your progress.