Why is Meditation Valuable?

I find it interesting how most of us want peace, happiness and abundance in our lives. Yet every one of us do things we know isn’t good for us and, at the same time skip things we know are good for us. We seem to find the time to do things for others, but not always for ourselves. My personal belief is, if we don’t think we are worthy of giving time and energy to ourselves, why would the Universe (Divine Source/ God). The more abundance we give to ourselves the more we have to share with others.

So what is meditation? It is the process of looking inward to hear the soft voice of the Higher Self and the Universe (Divine Source/ God) so we can achieve a specific outcome. It is about increasing our capacity to be receptive. When we are receptive, we are better able to hear the wisdom and guidance of the Higher Self and the Universe (Divine Source/ God). The only way to truly achieve this is by going inward.

There are many different types of meditation and each one has a different purpose or goal. Some of the goals for meditation might be to enhance spiritual growth, inner peace, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, ponder a question, receive answers, or just energize and balance the physical body. Remember the saying “Energy flows where your attention goes.” This means if you give even 2 or 3 minutes of your time, a few times a day, to just sit and concentrate on breathing, you will notice the difference within a few day. Concentrating on breathing in vitalizing energy and breathing out worry, stress, tension or anything else that limits you is very powerful. Why, because your attention is on releasing old and bringing in new. It also stops the mind chatter for a few minutes.

It is important to remember, everyone learns to meditate differently. What works for one person may not work for someone else. So, I suggest you try several different styles and methods. It is important to remember that there is no right way to meditate. If one method doesn’t work try another. You will find one that works for you.

In closing, I encourage you to taking time to go inward and release the influence of the outside world. This will make a powerful difference in your life. Even if all you do is take time to watch your breath.