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2. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Certification
This is a 3 day workshop that teaches you a natural way of healing that is Scientifically proven.

3.  IEH Intuitive Energy Healing® Level I Certification
This workshop is an introduction to a new way to transform your life. Experience and understand three different frequencies of healing energy that you can run through your body and learn how to stay centered and grounded in today’s busy world.

4. IEH Intuitive Energy Healing® Level II Personal Transformational Certification
IEH Intuitive Energy Healing® Level I Certification required
There are 8 Units which include, Listen to the Wisdom of out Bodies, Cell Level Healing & The Power of Forgiveness, Setting Intention & Healing with Visualization and Chakra Studies which include all seven chakras, description, function and meditation to physically healing each chakra.

5. IEH Intuitive Energy Healing® Level III Advanced Clairvoyant Training Certification
Level II Personal Transformational Certification required
There are 4 Units which include, Time Line healing, Cell and DNA healings, Astral Blueprint work, Akashic Records access, Third Universe contact updates, Karma release, Kundalini Intro, Breath Work, Hands on Healing, and application of IEH to other Healing Systems.

6. IEH Intuitive Energy Healing® Level II Practitioner Certification
IEH Intuitive Energy Healing® Level I Certification required
This training is an 8 Unit course covering spiritual growth, personal transformation, and the principles of working with unseen energy. It provides opportunities for the emotional/mental healing necessary to be physically healthy, to expand consciousness, to embody more light, and to be of service to others.

7. Reiki Level I Certification
Reiki I attunement connects you to the Reiki Source, raises your vibrational level and teaches you self healing and self-care.

8. Reiki Level II Certification
Reiki II attunement gives you more advanced tools, three symbols that take your session to a greater level and a higher vibration of energy in your own body. Also, you can do sessions on the public and charge money.

9. Reiki Master Teacher Certification
Reiki Master attunement raises your energy vibration to an even higher level so you are able to give an attunement to others. It teaches you everything you need to know to share the gift of Reiki with world. How to do an attunement, teaching classes and much more.

10. Aura Healing Certification
Aura healing takes your sessions to another level. You will learn to feel and understand the different layers and how the Aura field affects you and your client.

11. Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher
Karuna Reiki® is the next step after Reiki Master. It allows the body to gently untangle the memories it carries. It heals the shadow self and involves Toning which is the use of verbal vibrational sound to also heal deeply.

12. Crystal Certification Course
This course leaves nothing out. We cover History – past & present and how crystals are formed. Best crystals for meditation, healing, dreams and much more. Grids and pendulums and all their uses, and so much more!

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