Crystal Classes

Crystals & Gemstones

Crystal Class Offerings

  • Introduction to Crystals & Gemstones
    • Learn why you’re drawn to certain crystals + gemstones
    • Balance, clear, and energize your chakra
    • 8-hour workshop
  • Crystal Certification Course
    • Learn to tune in to crystals
    • Practical application for healing
    • Develop a working knowledge of the Crystal Grid
    • 5-day course
    • 7-hour workshop each day
  • Reiki + Crystals
    • Understand the combination of Reiki and Crystals to help elevate your healing to the next level
    • 4-hour workshop
  • Crystals + Chakras
    • Learn the proper care for your Gemstones.
    • Understanding which Gemstones work best for your personal Chakras.
    • How the vibration of each Gemstones responds to you.
    • 8-week course 
    • 2 hours workshop each week