Reiki Classes

Understanding Reiki

Back in the early 1900s in Japan, Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovers a centuries-old tough-healing tradition that helps the body heal through stress reduction and relaxation, while amplifying innate abilities and balancing your energy system. This simple, direct, and efficient system is known as Reiki.

Reiki is unaffiliated with any religion, though it’s considered spiritual. Through a Reiki initiation attunement, you will run this abundant Spiritually-Guided Life Force Energy through your body to promote healing as well as improve health and quality of life.

Anyone can learn how to use Reiki. During your attunement, a Reiki Master will transfer the ability, allowing you to feel confident in the information you received.

In my Reiki Classes, you will experience:

  • A new frequency of energy in your body and connect to your helpers
  • Gain confidence as you experience giving and receiving a Reiki healing in class
  • Receive an attunement to activate your connection to the Reiki energy
  • Connect with like-minded people

Reiki Class Offerings

  • Level I Certification
    • Reduce stress and heal yourself and others with Universal Life Force Energy  
    • 8-hour workshop
  • Level II Certification
    • Increase your healing ability with symbols and mantras
    • Work on a professional level
    • 8-hour workshop 
  • Master/Teacher Certification
    •  Designed for Reiki II practitioners called to teach others
    • 3-day workshop
    • 7 hours per day
  • Karuna® Reiki Certification
    • Karuna® increases your ability to channel healing energy 
    • Designed for Reiki Masters
    • Completed in 4 parts
      • Practitioner I – 8-hour workshop
      • Practitioner II – 8-hour workshop
      • Master I – 8-hour workshop
      • Master II
        • Master I + II can be completed in a 3-day, 8-hour course
  • Reiki + Crystals
    • Understand the combination of Reiki and Crystals to help elevate your healing to the next level
    • 4-hour workshop
  • Advanced Techniques
    • Stretch your mind and creativity to take your healing to a new level
    • 4-hour workshop
    • Experience:
      • Breathing techniques
      • Sight 
      • Hands-on demonstrations