Intuitive Energy Healing Classes

What is IEH Intuitive Energy Healing®?

IEH Intuitive Energy Healing®, is a holistic approach to healing, that allows an individual to access their own deep meditative state. This makes it easier to receive intuitive information about themselves. They connect to their higher power to see how best to heal an array of issues.

But IEH Intuitive Energy Healing® isn’t limited to personal use. There is a practitioner level for those who wish to use it as a business.

With IEH, a practitioner uses meditation to connect to Source, the Universe, God, the Divine, or what you believe it to be. From here, a practitioner is able to intuitively read the client and see how mental, physical, emotional, and/or spiritual elements affect the current issues at hand.

Are you ready to learn more about IEH Intuitive Energy Healing® either on the personal or practitioner level? Experience and understand three different frequencies of healing energy running through your body with IEH!

IEH Personal Development Class Offerings

  • Level I Certification
    • Learn tools for walking your Life Path successfully
    • 7-hour workshop
  • Level II Certification
    • Level I Certification Required
    • Completed in 8 separate units
      • 1) Listening to the Wisdom of your Body
      • 2) Cell Level Healing & the Power of Forgiveness
      • 3) Setting Intention & Healing with Visualization
      • 4) – 8) Deep Chakra Work
  • Level III Advanced Certification
    • Level II Certification Required
    • Learn Timeline Healing, Astral Blueprints, Akashic Records, Karma Release, Breath Work, and more
    • 4-month course
    • 7-hour workshop each month
    • Each unit is an 8-hour workshop

IEH Practictioner Class Offerings

  • Level II Practitioner Certification
    • Level I Certification Required
    • Introduces you to the symbols and frequencies of IEH healing
    • 8-hour workshop
  • Level III Master Certification
    • Level III Certification Required
    • Understand the lessons and receive the benefits at a whole new level as a Master IEH Practitioner
    • 1-year course which allows you to teach others