Reiki Class

I didn’t know what to expect. I really enjoyed your class. You made everything very easy to understand. Thank you very much and I look forward to the Reiki II class. – Anita Martinez

Jade is a very attuned, empathetic and knowledgeable teacher. – Jeff Gannon

Be prepared for an incredible journey! Jade’s class is filled with love and understanding, patience with the students and openness. It is a very relaxed atmosphere. She has an eagerness to share her knowledge and experience. Jade is warm and reassuring to new students; she listens and responds to all. My experience in this class was a blessing and I highly recommend this class to all. – Ana P. Ortega

Jade is the real deal! Her lightness and love, combined with depth of knowledge, experience and talent is palpable when in her space and when she touches you. – Priscilla Munson

Jade is a wonderful caring compassionate teacher/mentor whose enthusiastic energy is contagious. Her Reiki classes zoom along with piles of information, interspersed with humorous anecdotes and hands-on practice. Take these classes for a lovely life-changing experience. – Terene Cap-Day

Jade is Always upbeat, positive and eager to share her experience and knowledge as a Lightworker, Healer, and Teacher. She has inspired me many times over. – Rev. Jesse Deane

I think Jade is a wonderful teacher and mentor. She pays attention to everything. All questions are answered fully and in easy to understand terms. Jade is a really gifted and exceptional teacher. Working in a group and doing healings with others I have done, but this was so much better, with more instructions and encouragement. – Marie Woodward

I would recommend the Reiki Master class and any class taught by Jade Elizabeth. She is engaging and expressive in her teaching. She never gives up. She moves on when the student has a grasp of the concepts taught. – Debbie Stikeleather

I felt my spirits raise to a higher level. I gained more confidence in my self and my abilities. I learned more about the Universe and the spiritual world and how it works in mysterious ways. I enjoyed your class because you are positive, funny, intuitive and make the classroom an enjoyable experience. I also appreciate the book because it provided both audio and visual learning and reference guide. I feel I was in the right class at the right time for me to really get the most out of the experience. It helped my inner core grow stronger. – Debbie Wiedeman

I experienced new sensations/vibrations, colors, feelings, technique, and residual effects. All in a safe and loving environment. Jade is a gifted healer and teacher. She delivers technique, compassion, love, patience, and inspiration. Many thanks! – Debbie Durrough

My name is Geralyn and you introduced me to Reiki a few Fridays ago, on June 20th. One other woman and I were in the class, and it was amazing! Do you remember how during our Reiki class I mentioned that my neck was hurting? You came over to me, and without even asking me where the pain was, you knew! You put your hands on my neck, RIGHT where it hurt, and it stopped hurting in seconds! But here’s the best part – my neck which had been bothering me on and off for months, has not hurt since! Thank you! I came right home and did Reiki on my cat Keith who is fighting a very aggressive cancer and as I was letting the Reiki flow, he sat up and took a bath! After doing nothing but lying on his bed for days! He started eating again, though it is hard for him, and he started using the litter box again! He is still a very sick cat, but his days have more energy so he can walk round outside and jump onto the bed! I think Reiki has also helped with other animal rescue situations I have been involved in since then, and I Reiki has really helped my fiancé Ron deal with these very stressful times of life and death with our pets.
Speaking of Ron, if you remember, he took a different Reiki class, in West LA. He was BLOWN AWAY when I told him what I learned and experienced in your class! He definitely wants to take the next level of Reiki with you, when we feel ready! – Geralyn R.

Karuna Class

Jade is knowledgeable about all aspects of this material. It was presented in an interesting and spiritual manner with compassion and love. This was a fantastic experience. I feel Jade is a teacher that is caring and knowledgeable. She cares that her students meet their highest potential. – Margaret McCormick

I am very lucky to have found this class. She encouraged us to ask questions. Jade is a wonderful teacher, very warm and welcoming. The practice sessions were wonderful and when I was unsure of myself Jade was right there encouraging me. It was fun, I laughed and cried, but the whole time I knew I was in a safe environment and that whatever happened was needed and it was OK. – Pamela J. Bache

IEH Intuitive Energy Healing® Class

Thank you again for a wonderful class. Your knowledge and encouragement are divine! – Karyn Mazo

I had an amazing experience in this class. I came in wanting to learn more about my own psychic energy and abilities, about my guides and how to be in instrument of healing for me and for people around me. I did not know what to expect and I came with open mind willing to learn and be blessed. I must say that I learned a lot and was blessed in so many ways. I received peaceful confirmation for my own spiritual journey. Jade gives very practical and sounds reasons for some spiritual ideas and terms in a language that I could understand-something that I really appreciated. She brings a depth of knowledge on a very intellectual level, as well as wealth of personal experiences in healing and transformation. I appreciated her honesty in sharing her own journey and healing, as well as the encouragement that she gave to each participant. She is a patient Teacher who welcomes questions and makes every person feel like she is speaking only to them. I feel that I had such great results today because of the atmosphere of love, acceptance and peace that she fosters in her class. In my opinion, everyone deserves to experience Jade’s class. If people are looking for a transformation and healing than this is the right place for them. I recommend Jade very highly as a Teacher and a loving human being. I am looking forward to continuing my healing journey with Jade Elizabeth. – Marina Mosina-Frazier

After meeting Jade and being introduced to IEH, I instantly learned how to Ground myself, feeling safer and more Present in my body. The Immediate Shift was absolutely incredible. I no longer wonder where I’ve been for the past few hours. I feel energetic and organized again. I’m happy to announce that as I continue to practice the IEH techniques and create more Balance, I’m able to Connect deeply with the Divine Source. This is definitely for those who are experiencing Spiritual Awakening and all Lightworkers. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart Jennifer Cloake

The IEH level I was so helpful for me, I loved that class and you are really an awesome teacher. I am so glad you are giving such a great class, it is a wonderful tool for us healers. – Yadira

Crystal Certification Course

The class was well prepared and clearly presented. The availability of crystals for examples purposes was very helpful. Also, I found the class to be very comprehensive. – Brett Mahan

In addition to being extremely knowledgeable on the topic matter Jade is one of the most ethical and professional teachers I have ever come across. She was always set up well in advance of the start time of the class, held class even when she knew there would be a low attendance and never missed class herself. Jade also made it a point to get to know her students, understood their comfort level and never, never pushed anyone to purchase the products she had for sale. I most certainly will take future classes with Jade. – Sharron Gibson Casler

Just wanted to let you know that I loved your class on Saturday. I am still just buzzing from all I learned about all these gorgeous crystals and stones. We covered so much information but at such a smooth and comfortable pace. The meditations you led us on were incredible, just the whole loving energy and excitement of the whole class was tremendous!! – I am so looking forward to my homework – Oh My – spending time with my crystals and stones and getting to know them – Way Cool! – how excited am I! Just feel like you are an energetic matchmaker with these beloved treasures – but more importantly you are guiding us in learning how to make the selections ourselves – what a gift! – Cathy U.

Healing Session

Every time Jade works on me I feel a profound improvement in my energy and well being. In addition to being a strong, clear channel for Reiki healing energy, she receives accurate, intuitive guidance that directs and enhances the healing session. Jade’s Reiki wisdom and enthusiasm is valued by her clients and the students she is mentoring. I recommend a series of Jade’s Reiki sessions for anyone committed to their spiritual growth and a healthy life experience. – Rev. Catherine Morris

Over many years of my life I have been to at least a dozen Reiki healers; when I met Jade Elizabeth things were different. When I would leave Jade’s Center after a session I always felt like all my burdens and worry have fallen off, I felt more energized and balanced. My faith had been renewed and my sense of hope was enlightened. I would highly recommend Jade Elizabeth. She has made my life come true. – Kimberly L.

My session with Jade was very relaxing and I felt comfortable immediately. As soon as she started I felt a wave of energy and then just relaxed as she worked. The full extent of the session was not realized immediately, but several days after I noticed that things were different. Issues were cleansed, transformed and I feel much better. I have already recommended her and will continue to do so. – Linda Mitchell

During the months I’ve known her, she’s been a great mentor and friend to me. She’s what I would call a healer’s healer. She’s kind, compassionate, very intuitive, and very fun to be around. Her desire to be a better healer has spurred her in all directions to learn Reiki on a deeper level, and she has displayed her own brand of creativeness in her healing sessions. I’ve experienced and learned a great deal about the wonderful benefits of Reiki. Jade’s confidence and mastery of Reiki techniques has created in me a new sense of empowerment. I’ve been very blessed to have witnessed a few mystical experiences when I was undergoing Reiki treatment with Jade. – Lilian Yeo

I found Jade to be a gentle, caring, and powerful healer. She also gives valuable insight into understanding the cause. I am definitely returning. – Mona Masonis-Boyer

Over many years of my life I have been to at least a dozen Reiki healers; when I met Jade Elizabeth things were different. When I would leave Jade’s Center after a session I always felt like all my burdens and worry have fallen off, I felt more energized and balanced. My faith had been renewed and my sense of hope was enlightened. I would highly recommend Jade Elizabeth. She has made my life come true. – Kimberly L.

Jade is truly an instrument of loving and healing energy. I can say this because I have experienced healing both physically and mentally in Jade’s Reiki sessions. I am experiencing more peace and balance in my mind and body. Thank you Jade for the healing, peace and love. – Frederick Parker

Jade Elizabeth has a wonderful gift for healing. During my session, I felt overwhelmed with Love. I felt that Jade truly cared for me. Jade acts as a clear opening for the Universal healing love light to flow through and heal others. The healing is palpable and the most moving Reiki sessions I’ve ever had. I come out of sessions feeling refreshed and uplifted. Jade is very intuitive and insightful. The messages that she receives have been accurate for me. I recommend her often to family, friends, and co-workers. – Waneka Ruffin

The benefits I’ve noticed while working with Jade Elizabeth have been immediate, and on many different levels. On a physical level I’ve noticed almost instant relief from chronic aches and pains as well as minor injuries such as a sprained wrist, relief from the fatigue and soreness of rigorous athletic training. I’ve also notice that physically I have more energy, and stamina, and my body is responding to and recovering from my workouts faster than before.

On an emotional level her work has helped me move on in my journey from the dark scary places that I’ve been afraid to walk through in the past. The results of her energy work feel like a ton of old weight has been removed from my shoulders, some of the baggage I could not put down myself.

On a spiritual level her guidance has helped me to ask for and receive a more powerful relationship with my higher power, and to understand what love really is, and how powerful it really is.

Jade is loving, compassionate, and a joy to have in my life. – Adam L.


I have watched Reiki Hand Positions by Jade Elizabeth several times. Her explanations of the positions and the reasons behind the theory of the positions are very exact. It is a very informative DVD and I would recommend it to any Reiki student or practitioner. Very well done Jade! – Barbara C – Reiki Master

Healing & Classes

Jade Elizabeth is an amazing teacher and healer! I am always impressed with her ability to identify the PERFECT healing modality I need at the time. She has identified and cleared energy blockages from painful childhood events that I did not know were still affecting me, and she has worked successfully with me on clearing breathing problems caused by chronic asthma. Not only am I breathing easier, I have MUCH more energy!

I know I was divinely guided to contact Jade Elizabeth for healing sessions, and I am so grateful to her for sharing her healing gifts with me, my family, and my friends.

I was first guided to seek Jade Elizabeth when my grandmother was in a great deal of pain and I wanted to find someone who practiced distant healing. Jade Elizabeth was able to identify the source of my grandmother’s pain, and the distant healing session resulted in substantial pain relief and greater comfort. I will always be grateful to Jade Elizabeth for that gift of comfort and healing for my grandmother.

I have had the privilege of being one of Jade Elizabeth’s students for many years. My feelings are always, “Why doesn’t everyone know this? It would make such a difference in the way we go through life! Our lives would be so much better if we learned all this in kindergarten!

Some of Jade Elizabeth’s best friends are her crystals. After taking her Crystal class, I have a new appreciation for the power and intelligence of the mineral kingdom. And now some of my best friends are crystals!

Jade Elizabeth’s IEH class opened a whole new world for me. I loved the movie “The Secret” and this class integrated the concepts of deliberate creation, flowing energy, identifying limiting beliefs, and clearing the energy field. I also gained a new level of confidence in my ability to flow energy.

Jade Elizabeth is an incredible teacher and healer. She is truly the “teacher’s teacher” and “healer’s healer.” She is always in the space of total integrity, wanting the best for her clients and students – and always wanting to give more.

Jade Elizabeth is also a perpetual student and is always reading and investing in training in the latest, effective “cutting edge” healing modalities from the greatest innovators on the planet. Her motivation is always, “How can I give more to my students and clients?” She is always ready to freely share her knowledge with her students and has an incredible breadth of experience to draw upon. – Dr. Avianna Marie Jones


I woke up the morning after attending Jade’s first channeling filled with new creative ideas and feeling positive about my day’s activities. If Jade could put that in a pill, she’d make millions! No wait … She has! Ask Jade about her Intentional Imprinted Crystals! – Catherine Morris, IEH® and Reiki Master

I like to go to Jade’s channelings for three reasons. 1) I get to receive waves of energy and love from the Higher Realms. It’s like getting a healing from a Reiki session. 2) The information from the beings Jade channels is very direct and helpful. Sometimes it is something I have known but forgotten to pay attention to. And when they say it, I really “listen up”! 3) I enjoy the discussion after the channeling. Everyone is feeling open-hearted and we are able to learn a lot from each other. Thanks, Jade. – Catherine Morris, IEH® and Reiki Master

Session was a wonderful exchange of energy. Each person received something personal as well as the group as a whole. – Wayne

It’s a great experience. The session takes place on all dimensions of our being. – R.C.

I am really touched by the generosity of Jade to give up her body so we can speak directly to “the other side.” I spoke to a beautiful loving being. The words were so simple yet so profound, they did not enter my head, they entered my heart and left a beautiful glowing flower. I received a gift of knowledge and contact with spirit that I will cherish forever. – Ruth R.

I am so impressed with the joy Jade has in her work. She inspires and shares with out boundaries. I have never had an interaction with her where I was not overwhelmed with her willingness to give of herself wholeheartedly. I am grateful for the blessings knowing her has inspired in my life. Thank you. – Beth B.

I had a private session with Jade. I truly felt that I was talking to the other side. I received satisfactory answers and information that was new to me. The unanswered questions I always had were finally answered. I would definitely recommend Jade to channel for you. – Rudy R.

Imprinted Crystals

I love my intentional imprinted crystal! Jade Elizabeth selected the perfect crystal for me and programmed it with my intentions to successfully complete a writing project I’m working on. When I need additional clarity or motivation, I activate it and I’m making progress again!
I also gave gifts of intention imprinted crystals to my adult children and Jade Elizabeth programmed them with my children’s intentions for their lives. They are getting great results and it feels wonderful as a mother to give these gifts to my children. – Dr. Avianna Marie Jones