What makes a great Energy Session?

Let me begin by saying that to experience a great Energy Session you must be comfortable with the person giving the session, be able to fully receive all that is given and allow miracles to happen. So, let’s expand on that.

First, let’s talk about Receiving. Many of us have been taught that it is important to give. That’s true and because of this, some people find it hard or don’t know how to let go and allow themselves to receive. Some even find it uncomfortable. So many people have been programmed early in life to give of our time and energy, especially women. We learn by example, seeing our mother or grandmother who give freely and always puts her family and most people first. We see it everyday. Some of us can’t even receive a complement. We will shrug it off or make an excuse so we don’t have to accept it. How many of you are that way?

So, over the last ten years my experience of giving an Energy Session is that men have a much easier time allowing themselves to receive then women do. When most men lay on the table they allow themselves to relax and most of the time sleep. Women I find will lay there and try to solve what ever is going on for them at the time. Now that is not to say this is true for all men and women. Nothing is 100%.

So, during an energy session, you are the one that allows the energy to be received. Make this time just for you and no one else. Make a conscious choice to receive all that is given during the session and forget about what needs to be done or the world around you. It will be there when you’re finished. Just relax and enjoy the moment.

Second, allow space for miracles to happen and do not have any preconceived ideas of what the outcome of the session will look like. When you are open to the idea that anything is possible that is when miracles occur.

I have seen many miracles happen during a session. Here are just a few examples, a persistent backache that existed for a very long time gone, a painful shoulder that quit hurting, even cancer that the Dr’s could no longer find. These are just a few of the miracles I’ve seen happen.

So remember, it’s up to you to allow the miracles to happen. My hope is that this article will assist you in allowing your energy sessions to move to a whole new level. For those of you reading this that give Energy Sessions please advise your clients of this information. It will greatly enhance their experience.