What Message does Pain tell You

There is always a message in the pain you experience in your bodies. Usually when pain comes, your first thought is to rid your body of it right now. You never think to ask what it is trying to tell you. What is the reason for the pain? There is a way to release it from your body in a safe and loving way. Want to know how?

Pain is old emotion that is trapped in your body. It is a way of getting your attention to do something. The pain wants a voice! It wants to be heard, understood and then released. I’ll give you an example. Your boss corrects you in front of the whole staff and it brings up an emotional response that you can’t express. That emotion you held in, will find a place in your body to live. Another example, an opportunity come up for you and your mind chatter starts to tell you, you can’t do that, you’re not smart enough or talented enough. Again, that emotion and anxiety must be let go or it finds a place in the body to reside. It might be a new place in your body or it might go to a place where there already is emotion stored. Over time and enough emotion that hasn’t been released will start to break down your body and create sickness, chronic pain or even disabilities.

One of the ways you can change this is to get yourself some paper. Begin to write down all the things you feel you can’t say out loud. When everything is out crumple the paper and burn it. Another way is to sit in meditation and talk to your body and the pain. Give it a voice so you understand what it is trying to tell you. Once you are aware of the problem then and only then can you do something about it. You can start making different choices which can empower you.