So Grateful to Jade!

I recently completed personal coaching with Jade, and when I first started, I didn’t know what to expect. Every session, we tried new things, from Reiki to Hypnosis, and so much more. I’m not one who trusts easily, especially with things that we were working on, and I was able to open up and allow […]

Thank You!

In gratitude for being in this journey with you! The Divine led me to you and my life has change so much. I am where I am because of loved ones like you. I walked into one of your classes 3 years ago; lost, scared, with shame… I felt I was carrying  a 10,000 piece […]

Simply Amazing!

Just returned from my first TAPPING session with Jade. Amazing… simply amazing. That is one talented little lady. Run, don’t walk… towards your first session.

Thank You for Removing my Block!

Dear Jade Elizabeth, I wanted to thank you for removing my Book Blockage around a year ago in one visit. Happy to let you know that my book “From Trauma To Inner Peace” will be released soon on Kindle and I owe it to you. You are Amazing!

Aligned with my Higher Self

While taking one of Jade’s Meditation classes i came to what I call my “aha” moment.  The realization that I was being guided by my unconscious that was fixed on past fears. Not only harming myself but my household especially my children.   I consulted with Jade and she began to coach me. Within time Jade has helped […]

Excited to Continue Learning and Growing

I am truly blessed to have crossed paths with Jade.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all that her classes have done not only for me but for my family.  I have taken Jade’s meditation classes and through them I have learned so much about myself.  How I think, how I process, and how I […]

Jade Greatly Assisted Me!

“Harnessing the Power of the Mind” is a course that expands you mentally, spiritually, and increases your awareness of your ability to accomplish what you want in your life.  The concepts and ideas taught in the class will greatly improve your emotional acuity and improve your confidence in your own judgment, as well as increase […]

Incredible Voice + Knowledge!

I work with energy colors and vibrations daily. As I listen to Jade Elizabeth's Prismic Light – 12 Rays Meditation, a peaceful feeling sweeps over me. As Jade guides you through the 12 Rays, more and more peace envelopes me. Her voice has a safe and nurturing appeal to it. I always feel joyful and […]

Perfect Crystal for Me!

I love my intentional imprinted crystal! Jade Elizabeth selected the perfect crystal for me and programmed it with my intentions to successfully complete a writing project I’m working on. When I need additional clarity or motivation, I activate it and I’m making progress again! I also gave gifts of intention imprinted crystals to my adult […]

Incredible Teacher and Healer!

Jade Elizabeth is an amazing teacher and healer! I am always impressed with her ability to identify the PERFECT healing modality I need at the time. She has identified and cleared energy blockages from painful childhood events that I did not know were still affecting me, and she has worked successfully with me on clearing […]