Aligned with my Higher Self

While taking one of Jade’s Meditation classes i came to what I call my “aha” moment.  The realization that I was being guided by my unconscious that was fixed on past fears. Not only harming myself but my household especially my children.   I consulted with Jade and she began to coach me. Within time Jade has helped me to detach from my past traumas. I was able to let go and forgive and my past was no longer harmful simply just that my past.  Thanks to Jade’ coaching I now have powerful tools that allow me to not live in the past nor in the future but the present.  I am aligned with my higher self and spirit and has made a complete 180 on my life, my household, and my children.  I am immensely thankful to Jade for working with me and showing me how to become the person I have always wanted to be … my true self. Forever grateful.