Jade Greatly Assisted Me!

“Harnessing the Power of the Mind” is a course that expands you mentally, spiritually, and increases your awareness of your ability to accomplish what you want in your life.  The concepts and ideas taught in the class will greatly improve your emotional acuity and improve your confidence in your own judgment, as well as increase your ability to discern what is actually occurring in reality.

Jade’s dissemination of ideas fosters a recognition of the need to reach one’s maximum potential in this life – and to do so now – not in the future. Through deep examination of first your outer and then your inner conscience, Jade, without being intrusive to you (or anyone in the class), will assist you into delving into the depths of your forgotten thoughts, and then help you trace, identify, and examine your self-destructive ideas or life behaviors so that the journey to improvement or awareness can begin and the idea of self-fulfillment is understood as being definitely attainable.  

As a teacher, guide, counselor, observer, and conduit, Jade greatly assisted me (a male) at the age of 60 to identify and articulate the lifelong major reasons behind my sense of personal deficiencies and incongruences.  Without a shadow of a doubt, I know that realization would never have occurred but for Jade’s course.