Positive and Full of Wisdom!

Jade is very intuitive and in tune, not only with herself but with all people around her. She has a magic touch. When I was in pain with my dislocated shoulder, she gently put her hand on my shoulder and I felt the healing energy going through it. What an amazing feeling. Jade is very positive and has lots of wisdom to share. I appreciate her professionalism and her friendship. I am so blessed to know Jade and to be in her circle of friends and co-authors. Yes, she is a Best Selling Author on Amazon.com. Her book title is: Your Amazing Itty Bitty Self-Esteem Book: 15 Steps to Gain and Keep High Self Worth. I bought it for my Kindle and read it the day I bought it. Great, valuable, and up-to-date information. Thank you Jade for publishing your book.