Incredible Teacher and Healer!

Jade Elizabeth is an amazing teacher and healer! I am always impressed with her ability to identify the PERFECT healing modality I need at the time. She has identified and cleared energy blockages from painful childhood events that I did not know were still affecting me, and she has worked successfully with me on clearing breathing problems caused by chronic asthma. Not only am I breathing easier, I have MUCH more energy!

I know I was divinely guided to contact Jade Elizabeth for healing sessions, and I am so grateful to her for sharing her healing gifts with me, my family, and my friends.

I was first guided to seek Jade Elizabeth when my grandmother was in a great deal of pain and I wanted to find someone who practiced distant healing. Jade Elizabeth was able to identify the source of my grandmother’s pain, and the distant healing session resulted in substantial pain relief and greater comfort. I will always be grateful to Jade Elizabeth for that gift of comfort and healing for my grandmother.

I have had the privilege of being one of Jade Elizabeth’s students for many years. My feelings are always, “Why doesn’t everyone know this? It would make such a difference in the way we go through life! Our lives would be so much better if we learned all this in kindergarten!

Some of Jade Elizabeth’s best friends are her crystals. After taking her Crystal class, I have a new appreciation for the power and intelligence of the mineral kingdom. And now some of my best friends are crystals!

Jade Elizabeth’s IEH class opened a whole new world for me. I loved the movie “The Secret” and this class integrated the concepts of deliberate creation, flowing energy, identifying limiting beliefs, and clearing the energy field. I also gained a new level of confidence in my ability to flow energy.

Jade Elizabeth is an incredible teacher and healer. She is truly the “teacher’s teacher” and “healer’s healer.” She is always in the space of total integrity, wanting the best for her clients and students – and always wanting to give more.

Jade Elizabeth is also a perpetual student and is always reading and investing in training in the latest, effective “cutting edge” healing modalities from the greatest innovators on the planet. Her motivation is always, “How can I give more to my students and clients?” She is always ready to freely share her knowledge with her students and has an incredible breadth of experience to draw upon.