Ready to Practice at Master Level!

Jade was my instructor for all three of my Reiki certification levels. I knew once I started this journey with her, that she was the person I wanted to learn from. She went above and beyond ensuring that all of the students in the class were comfortable with the material being taught, and made sure […]

Glad I Had This Experience!

If I were to sum up the weekend Reiki training in one word, it would be WOW! Jade is a simply amazing teacher and I felt very much at home with the training. I have wanted to learn Reiki for some time and am so glad I had this experience. I went from being unsure […]

Confident In My Healing Ability!

I did truly enjoy the Reiki II class. I enjoyed the experience of having a small class. I felt like I had all of my questions answered and left the class feeling confident in my healing ability. I would recommend Jade as a teacher because of her warm loving personality, her extensive knowledge of Reiki […]

Thank You!

My name is Geralyn and you introduced me to Reiki a few Fridays ago, on June 20th. One other woman and I were in the class, and it was amazing! Do you remember how during our Reiki class I mentioned that my neck was hurting? You came over to me, and without even asking me […]

Safe and Loving Environment!

I experienced new sensations/vibrations, colors, feelings, technique, and residual effects. All in a safe and loving environment. Jade is a gifted healer and teacher. She delivers technique, compassion, love, patience, and inspiration. Many thanks! 

My Inner Core Grew Stronger!

I felt my spirits raise to a higher level. I gained more confidence in my self and my abilities. I learned more about the Universe and the spiritual world and how it works in mysterious ways. I enjoyed your class because you are positive, funny, intuitive and make the classroom an enjoyable experience. I also […]

Highly Recommend!

I would recommend the Reiki Master class and any class taught by Jade Elizabeth. She is engaging and expressive in her teaching. She never gives up. She moves on when the student has a grasp of the concepts taught.

Jade is a Gifted Teacher!

I think Jade is a wonderful teacher and mentor. She pays attention to everything. All questions are answered fully and in easy to understand terms. Jade is a really gifted and exceptional teacher. Working in a group and doing healings with others I have done, but this was so much better, with more instructions and […]

Eager to Share!

Jade is Always upbeat, positive and eager to share her experience and knowledge as a Lightworker, Healer, and Teacher. She has inspired me many times over. 

Life-Changing Experience!

Jade is a wonderful, caring, compassionate teacher/mentor whose enthusiastic energy is contagious. Her Reiki classes zoom along with piles of information, interspersed with humorous anecdotes and hands-on practice. Take these classes for a lovely life-changing experience.