Thank You!

My name is Geralyn and you introduced me to Reiki a few Fridays ago, on June 20th. One other woman and I were in the class, and it was amazing! Do you remember how during our Reiki class I mentioned that my neck was hurting? You came over to me, and without even asking me where the pain was, you knew! You put your hands on my neck, RIGHT where it hurt, and it stopped hurting in seconds! But here’s the best part – my neck which had been bothering me on and off for months, has not hurt since! Thank you!

I came right home and did Reiki on my cat Keith who is fighting a very aggressive cancer and as I was letting the Reiki flow, he sat up and took a bath! After doing nothing but lying on his bed for days! He started eating again, though it is hard for him, and he started using the litter box again! He is still a very sick cat, but his days have more energy so he can walk round outside and jump onto the bed! I think Reiki has also helped with other animal rescue situations I have been involved in since then, and I Reiki has really helped my fiancé Ron deal with these very stressful times of life and death with our pets.

Speaking of Ron, if you remember, he took a different Reiki class, in West LA. He was BLOWN AWAY when I told him what I learned and experienced in your class! He definitely wants to take the next level of Reiki with you, when we feel ready!