I Understand What Love Is!

The benefits I’ve noticed while working with Jade Elizabeth have been immediate, and on many different levels. On a physical level I’ve noticed almost instant relief from chronic aches and pains as well as minor injuries such as a sprained wrist, relief from the fatigue and soreness of rigorous athletic training. I’ve also notice that physically I have more energy, and stamina, and my body is responding to and recovering from my workouts faster than before.

On an emotional level her work has helped me move on in my journey from the dark scary places that I’ve been afraid to walk through in the past. The results of her energy work feel like a ton of old weight has been removed from my shoulders, some of the baggage I could not put down myself.

On a spiritual level her guidance has helped me to ask for and receive a more powerful relationship with my higher power, and to understand what love really is, and how powerful it really is.

Jade is loving, compassionate, and a joy to have in my life.