Atmosphere of Love and Acceptance!

I had an amazing experience in this class. I came in wanting to learn more about my own psychic energy and abilities, about my guides and how to be in instrument of healing for me and for people around me. I did not know what to expect and I came with open mind willing to learn and be blessed. I must say that I learned a lot and was blessed in so many ways. I received peaceful confirmation for my own spiritual journey.

Jade gives very practical and sounds reasons for some spiritual ideas and terms in a language that I could understand-something that I really appreciated. She brings a depth of knowledge on a very intellectual level, as well as wealth of personal experiences in healing and transformation. I appreciated her honesty in sharing her own journey and healing, as well as the encouragement that she gave to each participant. She is a patient Teacher who welcomes questions and makes every person feel like she is speaking only to them.

I feel that I had such great results today because of the atmosphere of love, acceptance and peace that she fosters in her class. In my opinion, everyone deserves to experience Jade’s class. If people are looking for a transformation and healing than this is the right place for them. I recommend Jade very highly as a Teacher and a loving human being. I am looking forward to continuing my healing journey with Jade Elizabeth.