Knowledge Blows Me Away

I really enjoyed your Crystal and Reiki class. Your knowledge blows me away! I learned some new stuff. You have given me the encouragement to get my crystals out and start playing with them again. Thanks again.

What a Gift!

Just wanted to let you know that I loved your class on Saturday. I am still just buzzing from all I learned about all these gorgeous crystals and stones. We covered so much information but at such a smooth and comfortable pace. The meditations you led us on were incredible, just the whole loving energy […]

Ethical and Professional!

In addition to being extremely knowledgeable on the topic matter Jade is one of the most ethical and professional teachers I have ever come across. She was always set up well in advance of the start time of the class, held class even when she knew there would be a low attendance and never missed […]

Comprehensive Class!

The class was well prepared and clearly presented. The availability of crystals for examples purposes was very helpful. Also, I found the class to be very comprehensive.