Questions Finally Answered!

I had a private session with Jade. I truly felt that I was talking to the other side. I received satisfactory answers and information that was new to me. The unanswered questions I always had were finally answered. I would definitely recommend Jade to channel for you. 

Gives Herself Wholeheartedly!

I am so impressed with the joy Jade has in her work. She inspires and shares with out boundaries. I have never had an interaction with her where I was not overwhelmed with her willingness to give of herself wholeheartedly. I am grateful for the blessings knowing her has inspired in my life. Thank you. 

Direct and Helpful!

I like to go to Jade’s channelings for three reasons. 1) I get to receive waves of energy and love from the Higher Realms. It’s like getting a healing from a Reiki session. 2) The information from the beings Jade channels is very direct and helpful. Sometimes it is something I have known but forgotten […]

Wonderful Exchange of Energy

Session was a wonderful exchange of energy. Each person received something personal as well as the group as a whole.

Great Experience!

It’s a great experience. The session takes place on all dimensions of our being. 

Touched by Generosity!

I am really touched by the generosity of Jade to give up her body so we can speak directly to “the other side.” I spoke to a beautiful loving being. The words were so simple yet so profound, they did not enter my head, they entered my heart and left a beautiful glowing flower. I […]

Filled with Creative Ideas!

I woke up the morning after attending Jade’s first channeling filled with new creative ideas and feeling positive about my day’s activities. If Jade could put that in a pill, she’d make millions! No wait … She has! Ask Jade about her Intentional Imprinted Crystals!